Welcome to the Ad Lumen Webbshop

Here you'll find almost everything you need to create a lightdesign for a stage, an exhibition, a living room, a garden or whatever you want.

To make it easier to find exactly what you need, we have split our webbshop into several environment based categories. We work after what you need the product for instead of the product itself. We are going to increase the amount of categories. Right now you that works with exhibitions, museums and galleries find the products you need under  "Exhibition Environments" for example.

If you know what you are after, you can look for it under "All Products" instead. There you'll find everything sorted according to product groups like in a traditional webbshop.

Coming categories include "Privat Environment", "Public Environment", "Old Fashioned Environments", "Shops and Fairs", "Artist Studios" and at some point in the future "Animal Keeping" and Garden Environments. 

To learn more about lighting and lightdesign visit our webbsite www.adlumen.se.

If there is something you can't find or you are looking for something special or if oyu have any questions, you are welcome to contact us on webbshop@adlumen.se or call us +46072 - 7173730.

The webbshop is under construction and we are constantely adding new products. Feel free to check in every so often and have a look around. 

If you have any opinions about how we can improve the webbshop we would love to hear them.